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Break The Barrier Off Your Mind, The Curious case of Walt Disney, creator of one of the most successful cartoon character EVER , Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney is an entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer. But before he became the marvel he is today, he struggled to make a living. While working for a newspaper, he was fired by the newspaper editor because

Break The Barrier Off Your Mind, The Curious case of Brian Acton, founder of WhatApp

I love inspirational stories honestly. They not only motivate or stir something up on the inside if you look close enough you can get empowered through these stories. Read the before and after story of Brian Acton the founder of WhatsApp.

Dont let the mistakes of others determine the outcome of your life: Modern Family’s Alex Opens Up About how she was Sexualised At age 7

Alex from ABC’s sitcom, modern family is a heart-winner.  Popularly known as the smart, sassy clever Dunphy. However, behind the scenes her life was 

If you enter, the commonwealth writer’s competition, you stand a chance of winning £2,500 to £5,000

It's competition time. Are you a writer, or you someone who is and loves to write? Then this piece is for you. You stand a chance of winning  £2,500 to £5,000.

That Moment When Your Parents Are Thankful You Watched A Movies At Home

I love it so much when I see people do great things out of any situation. I love empowerment of any kind, that’s why I choose the name for this blog.

Okay, so Jacob O'Conner is an extraordinaire 10 year old kid, who pulled his little brother Dylan out of their grandmother's swimming pool in Detroit and resuscitated him using tips he learned from a scene in the movie where Johnson (Dwayne a.k.a The Rock) revives his on-screen daughter. The younger brother regained consciousness after the CPR and was rushed to the hospital.


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A woman in Oakland scared off a mugger by faking a seizure after some hoodlum gave her a note saying guns were pointed at her. The lady, Julie Dragland claims the mugger were behind her on a train on a Saturday afternoon. The note read:

U.S Navy Returns to The drawing board Compass and pencil for Navigation To avoid Collision at sea

                                Culled from: dailymail.co.uk

As new orders were issued earlier this month of October following  a number of deadly accidents this year, the U.S. Navy had to go back to using compasses and pencils as they  navigated the high seas.