Wednesday, 15 June 2016

In the Cincinnati Zoo incident; do you think it is a case of parenting gone wrong?

                                         Source: abc news

Few weeks ago, we were all intrigue by the event at the Cincinnati Zoo, where a little boy fell into the  moat of   a 400-pound gorilla. The 17 year old gorilla dragged the child through a moat for  almost 10  minutes.

This action triggered off a gush of online criticism as to why the boy was not catered to by his mother at the time.

Well, the mother had three other children with her, ages 1 to 7, and had turned away for few seconds to attend to one of the boy siblings’ when the boy wondered off according to abc news. Children of that age wonder a whole lot, if left for microseconds. So why was the mother criticized so much?

The good news is:

  1.                  The boy is doing well. After treatment at a hospital, he was released that same               evening of  the incident.
  2.            Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said the case didn't come close to warranting a charge of child endangerment, and he defended the mother as an attentive parent undeserving of the abuse and threats.

My thoughts exactly, what are your thoughts? Let’s hear your say ….

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Is Kojic Acid the ultimate solution for hyperpigmentation?

What is hyperpigmentation?

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Hyperpigmentation is a generally harmless situation in which patches of skin becomes darker than the normal nearby skin. This is because the body naturally produces a pigment known as melanin through specialized cells known as melanocytes. In people with fair skin, only small amounts of melanin are manufactured by the melanocytes, while large amounts of melanin are manufactured by those with dark complexion.  So when you get that dark patch, that means an overload of melanin has been deposited in the skin.

It is usually pretty difficult to get rid of these dark patches because a person could be struggling with aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, sunburn extreme dry skin etc. You would agree with me that a single product in itself cannot tackle all these problems. This is because there are different skin types. Also some ingredients don't go along with each other, while some need to be within a specific pH range to work properly. 

So for those dark patches to get lighter, the amount of melanin manufactured by the melanocytes has to be reduced. One active ingredient that aid in the suppression of melanin to give a sparkling, flawless is kojic acid.

What is this kojic acid?

Just before the breakthrough of the magical powder called kojic acid, the component hydroquinone was mainly the active component used to lighten and clear out dark spots/ hyperpigmentation. The component hydroquinone is usually prescribed by dermatologist to lighten skin condition or lightens the skin generally. The disadvantage is that sometimes it causes reaction like dark knuckles or angles, skin rash, stretch marks and can severely dry out the skin making it look like the eczema disease.

But Kojic acid is an all natural ingredient derived from

Friday, 22 April 2016


This post is dedicated to everyone that's interested in DIY handmade cosmetics. It's a post on how I became a DIY entrepreneur.   

For many years, I battled with hyperpigmentation; sun burnt face and discolored body, just to mention a few. My complexion was so uneven. I had to decide every month what product I'd use.  After the struggles of deciding what to buy all the time, I decided to take matters into my hands. I started my DIY quest. 

Some of you may be in same situation as I was, right? So you are tired of buying different cosmetics products every other month? Are the prices you spend on cosmetics products too expensive?  Do you wish to have that flawless skin that you have always dreamed of? Wouldn’t you rather do it yourself and create revenue?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then here’s an opportunity to make them come through. You can decide to take matters into your hands and  start your success story.

Note, during the period I battled with hyperpigmentation; my sun burnt face was a constant reminder of how discolored my body was. My knuckle was a show of shame. But in spite of the struggles I was brave enough to let go of my desire for the best cosmetic i could lay my hands on.  I ditched all creams and started making my own body cream. Today, the rest is history.

In my journey so far, I realize that for most women, having that flawless skin is a constant challenge.  Let’s assume you decide on a product that can give you a flawless skin, you call the first person; but realize the product is way above your budget, you call the second next available skincare expert but the price is even higher than the first seller’s price. After several calls, you decide to engage one or two beauty experts on how to get trained but offers are expensive , even when you have a slight idea of some skincare products but need guidance on how to go about it, prices are still expensive and their responses on phone are usually not welcoming or encouraging!!!!

Meanwhile you keep seeing positive results on social media; but have no one to talk to or explain why some products don't yield positive result as they ought to. You have absolutely no idea on how to get these results at an affordable price.  Trust me, I have been in those shoes before and I know how frustrating it was before I finally got liberated by a Good Samaritan. 

Well, for those of you struggling to get that flawless skin; you deserve a chance! For those of you struggling to make ends meet; you deserve a chance. For those also trying to learn a skill, you deserve to be taught with as little as you can afford! 

So here is one in a life time opportunity for you to change that. Take this opportunity and get empowered.

In my new E-Manuel, I have explained in details

Ø The secret of taking better care of your skin by developing routine that suits your skin.

Ø Learn how to make your own cream.

Ø Become an entrepreneur in the process. 

If you are one of such persons, take a chance, liberate yourself and make money from it.

The original Price of this E-manual is N8,000 but because we want to help as many people as possible  get rid of their skincare problems and also become an entrepreneur too, we have  decided that for only 7 days we will be giving this E-Manuel away  for as low N2,500.

 Yes you read that right, as low as N2,500.

For enquiries, send a message to , or a whatsapp message to +2348032455076

 To make payment for this E-manual,  pay the sum of N2,500 into GTBank Plc with the below details;

Account Name: Kharix Kindle Ventures

 Account Number:
02 145 1216 3

After payment send Whatsapp message to: 08032455076


Email address:

With the Depositor Name, Amount Paid, and Teller Number. 

Once your payment has been verified, the manual will be sent to your email address within 24-hours .Download it, start reading asap, and get started on your skincare journey immediately. 

While I wish you the best in your journey, feel free to contact me any time of the day. I mean anytime of the day.

It is will be my pleasure to assist and guide you. 

Thank you.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Finding the perfect balance

                                Photo; courtesy of  Peddhapti 

This is my first post and I’m truly excited about it. I hope you can draw some inspiration at the end of it. I was truly inspired, that's the reason i made it my first. Enjoy........... 

It was a beautiful Monday morning. I heard my phone ring in the living room, I quickly ran out of the kitchen to get it. But I got there a bit late as it rang out. I observed that there was a text message just before the call came in.

“I have been laid off work’’ It read. It was impossible to believe at first as Amarachi was one of the best staff we had. How can this be? What would have happened? What is she going to do next? Barely 4 months ago, her husband lost his job. Amarachi of all people I thought. She is 3 months already into her first pregnancy and losing her job will be extremely difficult for her.

You see Amarachi is strong willed, confident and a very hard working woman. I knew losing her job will be the birth of something new. I tried to ring her back but her line was switched off. I knew that was what going to happen anyway. 

Fast forward; 2 months later, I got a call from a strange number, I picked up the call and could feel the vibes as Amarachi screamed out my name with happiness. She told me she wanted to see me and i promised to stop by after work, which I did of course.  We talked about everything. Life outside work, how she has coped so far, what she done with her TIME  and how she has turned  her VISION  to reality.

Today she has a business which is up and running. It took her just 2 months to put all that together, while still applying for administrative roles in different companies rather than her usual technical roles. I was extremely proud of her, not just because she was pregnant and able to achieve that but for the fact that she was actually able to get that done in such a short time.

When I asked what her motivation was, she told me it has been her dream to EMPOWER herself and others through her VISION but her former job took most of her time.  But when she got laid off, she was able to find a time frame for her business and the rest of the day to her self.

Amarachi eventually landed an administrative role and was able to find the perfect balance between the two extremes.

Some of you reading this can totally relate to the above story giving the current economic turmoil. But you too can find that perfect balance. 

Just look deep inside and you would discover a whole lot especially a burning passion for what you have always wanted to do or be. Let that passion be your push and let it guide you. 

 I sincerely hope someone out there can find their perfect balance after reading this post. 

 I wish you the best in your journey.