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Who Cheats The Most In A Relationship?

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Usually, most men are viewed as the unfaithful sex in marriages. Studies gave revealed that independent men are more likely to cheat because they are aware that their wives are solely dependent on them; so even if their wives finds out, it would be difficult to leave.

The Story of The Yellow Ribbon

                                         Culled from: Sermoncentral.com& Renewable Journal.wordpress.com

I read of a man who had committed a crime for which he was deeply ashamed. When he’d served his prison sentence and was about to be released he wondered if his family would reject him because of the scandal he’d caused and the shame brought on the family.

The Little Foxes That Can Destroy Your Marriage

                                   Culled from: coffeeshopconversations.com

Just as little foxes can spoil the vines, so can they spoil marriages. Little foxes in this context are attitude that if not address properly can ruin our marriages. Here are some of the key ones i picked out;

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What Do You See When You Look at Yourself In The Mirrow?

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As a man thinks in his heart so is he!
 Really how do you see yourself when you look in the mirror?
Do you know most people see themselves as rejected, unloved, unwanted? This is because the relationship you have with yourself is sour.
 You may wonder why, but has it ever occur to you that you have a relationship with yourself?  I've never given it much thought until I read some article from Joyce Meyer , Hear what she says;

One Of The Best Body Acts And Painting On Earth

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This is by far one of the best body acts and painting on earth. Like seriously, people are talented. 

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10 Feared Dead as train derails in India

                                 Culled from: Guardian.ng
A police officer at the scene of accident spot said 50 people had been taken to hospital, While Another official reported that metal cutters and cranes were being used to reach inside the damaged coaches as the federal government rushed dozens of rescuers with specialized equipment and sniffers to the spot.

The Death toll in Sierra Leone Has Risen to 441 Due to the Recent flood disaster

Culled from: Guardian.ng

The number of persons that have been buried is already Four hundred and forty-one and the number of missing person was still being calculated according to the deputy minister of information and communication, Cornelius Deveaux.