Finding The Perfect Balance

This is my first post and I’m truly excited about it. I hope you can draw some inspiration at the end of it. I was truly inspired, that's the reason i made it my first. Enjoy...........

It was a beautiful Monday morning. I heard my phone ring in the living room, I quickly ran out of the kitchen to get it. But I got there a bit late as it rang out. I observed that there was a text message just before the call came in.

“I have been laid off work’’ It read. It was impossible to believe at first as Amarachi was one of the best staff we had. How can this be? What would have happened? What is she going to do next? Barely 4 months ago, her husband lost his job. Amarachi of all people I thought. She is 3 months already into her first pregnancy and losing her job will be extremely difficult for her.