Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered

Let me ask you today, what are you letting arise in your life? In other words, what are you focusing your words, energy and thoughts on? You might say, “Oh, Joel, it’s just so hard right now. I’ve lost some money.” “My health doesn’t look good.”

Love yourself in the best way you can. You deserve to love you.


As a man thinks in his heart so is he! Whenever I reflect on those words, what comes to mind is SELF-LOVE. Contrary to some opinion that self-love can be selfish

The Prodigal Son Pt 2

Basically, part 1 is telling us of times when we choose wrongly and make selfish decisions which results in hopelessness and brokenness. But each time you come to yourself and return to your father, he on the other hand will accept you just as you are. He will even welcome you back with open arms, regardless of what your past looks like.

As you go through life, remember life is delicate but beautiful

As you go through life, remember life is delicate but beautiful. Do not be in a hurry, but bear in mind that everything under the sun has its times and its seasons