Love yourself in the best way you can. You deserve to love you.


As a man thinks in his heart so is he! Whenever I reflect on those words, what comes to mind is SELF-LOVE. Contrary to some opinion that self-love can be selfish I like to think otherwise. Self-love is not in any way selfish. You should love yourself because you spend more time with yourself than with anybody else, so it's important to treat yourself better than anyone would treat you. You are your best friend and your own twin; you are the one person you would never get away from.  So you shouldn’t be your own enemy but your own ally.

You can love yourself in a balanced way not in a selfish way or self-centered way that births a lifestyle of self-extravagance, but in a reasonable godly way that affirms God's creation as fundamentally excellent and right. Yes, we may be blemished by unforeseen experiences we've gone through, but that doesn't mean we're valueless and irresponsible.

You deserve to live every day to the fullest. Don’t spend so much time looking backwards with regrets because you made mistakes regarding the several opportunities that were right in front of you. Those mistakes are just stumbling blocks that will eventually propel you if you let the ride carry you through the good times, and the bad.
When you fall, stand up and walk again. You deserve assurance in your walk, a smile on your face, a spring in every step.  You deserve an extra pie and an extra piece of muffin for dessert, a husband who will love you, and a fair shudder to all your wildest dreams. That doesn’t mean they will come on a platter of gold, or that everything will work out as you planned, but you owe it you yourself to take the world that has been given.

Begin to see yourself the way God sees you. You are not average, you are not mediocre. You are first class, someone who's appreciated and treasured. If you have this understanding, your view will begin to change about yourself.
You should be your biggest cheerleader; support yourself even when you meet with breakdown. Don’t even think for a second about switching teams; this is the only one of team you were ordained to cheer for from the day life was given to you.  When you give your best, but your resistance proves to be a little too tough – do not give up but  come back stronger, and fighting even harder the next time around. So when you fail, remember to forgive yourself for everything silly mistake.
You are worthy of everything you dream of. Don’t let any person, any advertisement, any pessimistic thought tell you otherwise.  Celebrate even the smallest of wins. Your mistakes are not you, but proof that you are still human. Keep your critics with analysis paralysis, after all no statue has fallen in favor of a critic.  

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