Meet our January Inspirer, Bold and Beautiful Betty, CEO of Beezie Beez Events

So I met Betty some few months back. I was intrigued by how much of an influencer she is when it comes to
event planning. I decided to indulge her and she agreed to share her story on how to handle being a mother and a businesswoman. Read her exclusive interview below.

Tell us a bit about the person behind Beezie Beez Events: My name is Betty. Very close friends call me Bee. I came from a very close family. As a young girl, I was always creative and a perfectionist. I always wanted to design and decorate our living room or that of my siblings, but I never really got the chance to do so obviously because mum’s taste was better. So I started learning a lot from her and finally got the chance to explore when I got married. I decorated my living room, master’s bedroom and my children’s room.

What inspires you: My inspiration actually comes from nature. I love nature especially flowers. To me flowers are one of the sweetest things God ever made. A scripture usually comes to mind when I remember nature and how it was described in the bible that says; consider the lilies of the field, not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed like one of these. So when I see flowers and how they are arranged, it inspires me to become creative. I love the way I can combine colors just by looking at different flowers or just thinking about them.

How do you handle being a mother and a businesswoman? Being a mother and a woman in business comes with a lot of hard work. Growing up, I always looked up to my mother. She catered to our needs including that of my father and was able to combine it with that of her students. She was a lecturer. So when I decided to start Beezie Beez Events I knew I could do it because my mother did.

Further, a good mixture of talent and a strong support system I would say is the best recipe for being a mother and a businesswoman. I have few friends with organizational skills, sales skills, communication skills and people with various backgrounds. I learn a lot from these friends whenever we get together or I get a chance to organize an event

What are the challenges you face as a woman in business? Well working in any industry, you’ll definitely meet a lot of people who share like passion. So there is a lot of competition out there. You always want to be on top of your game.  So it is not always 100% fun, there are dull moments, there are stressful moments and the most challenging thing is regardless of how hectic your day gets, every event has a deadline which you must beat at the end of the day. Besides that, you still have to come back home and be a homemaker too. But if you want to be successful, you have to keep pushing against all odds

The beauty about it all is the feeling when an event comes to life as planned, and when you can share these moments with a team of like-minded people who have been working long hours to make that moment happen!

Where do you See your business in the next couple of years: In the next couple of years, my business would definitely be one of the top-notch in the event industry. I have some captivating events, no doubt. Thank goodness for social media. I use social media as my assistance. I literally communicate and advertise through social media.  So in the next couple of years, Busy Bee Event would be one of the most successful event organizers.

Advice to start up entrepreneurs? Just keep pushing, keep trusting God and have it at the back of your mind that, success it’s the only option.

Beezie Bee has an event coming up on the 18th of February, at 
Kahler Hall
5440 Old Tucker Row
Columbia, MD 21044. 
Register at: Beezie Beez Events

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